Aaron Rodgers Hail Mary

By now you’ve probably seen this footage (the link is actually great quality) and it’s a play that should be analyzed. I’m not going to discuss the previous weak called face mask which people will turn into the big picture of why this happened. First and foremost, Aaron Rodgers throwing the ball 60+ yards is unbelievable. Most QB’s don’t even allow this play to happen.

The biggest part of this is watch who catches the ball. It’s Richard Rodgers and look at the angle he takes. He’s way in front of the ball and drops back. Every team practicing a hail mary should watch this and see who had first chnace at the ball. Players in the back get jumbled up and can’t move towards it. Rodgers positioning worked like a charm. Great play.

I also had 65 dollars at -3 (+110) which made me pretty happy as well.