2 components of my make up are different, based on what I can tell, from most people.  I don’t like dessert and I don’t get excited easily.

Now it’s not that I don’t actually like dessert type foods, it’s just that I don’t find myself craving them very often and don’t care if I have them or not.  If I’m at a restaurant and the service asks if I’d like some dessert, 9 out of 10 times I say no.  Once again, this doesn’t mean I don’t like dessert, I just choose not to have it.

christmas-joyNot getting excited easily is based on not getting let down too hard.  Instead of being an emotional roller coaster of a person, I tend to live a more balanced life.  Melissa, Evan’s girlfriend, asked me if I like the holidays and I said they were ok.  She said, “just ok?”  Coming from a person who loves the holidays, I could sense she was looking for a bit more emotional appeal of holidays so I searched for a reasonable answer for why the holidays are just ok for me.  I didn’t really come up with one and probably diverted the question.  I don’t build myself for these types of days for no real explanation other than I just don’t.



Mr. Goodbar

At this point you probably haven’t asked yourself why I titled the the post Mr. Goodbar.  I’ve come to assume that my audience pretty much doesn’t interactively think about what I want them to think about so I have to use sentences like this to make it happen.

mr_goodbar_1I love the Mr. Goodbar.  I like any candy with peanuts and chocolate.  Frozen snickers from Maple Manor were a 10/10.  I have a 3lb bag of peanut M&M’s in my car.  I always take advantage of the 4 for $4 dollar deal for Goober’s at CVS.  The Mr. Goodbar for lunch has become my go to.

It’s not that I actually like the taste of the Mr. Goodbar as much as it’s knowing that it’s waiting in the freezer to be eaten.  I don’t eat it at room temperature so whenever I get it I immediately put it in the freezer and then sometimes I forget about it which is better than knowing I have it because when I think about wanting one, sometimes I am surprised I actually have it and internally celebrate.  Please god tell me I’m not psychotic.