What an episode.  What a freaking episode.  What the hell is Loplop?  How more people aren’t talking about this show is insane.  I was glued to my seat as I watched just praying the episode wasn’t going to end.  Just wow.

This was Ed and Peggy at the beginning of this episode.

Peggy and Ed on the road

“Right now, I just have to keep us alive.”

The image at the top of the page is how they finished. Let’s say it was a rollercoaster of emotions from these two and an award winning performance from Hanzee.


The result of messing with Hanzee

Hanzee stole the show. The bar scene was incredible. His attention to detail is fun to watch as he picked up the spit in his drink. I loved his line when the bartender said he doesn’t serve people who don’t want to be an American and he replied with, “not even one who has 3 tours in Vietnam, a Purple Heart, and a Bronze Star?” Such a badass. The scene was hilarious with the rednecks calling him “Geronimo”, “Shitbird”, and the bartender referring to him as “chief.” They got what was coming.

Dodd being captured by Peggy and Ed


The entire Dodd scene made me laugh. He was hilarious through it all. Peggy has gotten nuts at this point and it’s even more entertaining and great acting from Kirsten Dunst. The idea of holding a hostage was also brought to life and how much of a pain in the ass it must be to take care of them. I really enjoyed Dodd and his lack of respect towards women.

The heavy set one. With red hair. Have you seen him?

The heavy set one. With red hair. Have you seen him?

Which brings us to the last 5 minutes with Peggy holding a pair of scissors and Hanzee ready to change his identity for a life on the run. I couldn’t quite understand the contradicting thought process by saying “I’m tired of this life”, and then having Peggy with a blade by his head as he awaited a haircut. Love the ending though and I like how the characters are coming together.

Milligan doesn’t know that Dodd is gone but the meeting is still set up. Ed and Peggy back in police custody surely to tip them off on the meeting. Hanzee on the run with no direction from Dodd. Lou and Hank hot on the trail. Only Bear Gerhardt is remaining as a central force so we’ll see where he takes it under Floyd’s command. I have a feeling they won’t let us down.