The Sixers Suck

Trust me, we can't get worse.

Trust me, we can’t get worse.

The talent is anemic. It’s inappropriate to even use the word talent. This team is a dumpster fire right now with 0 chance of improving this year. The Sixers are putting out the worst product in the NBA and this is for the 3rd straight year. Enough is enough, the fans NEED to start protesting.

Is it possible Brett Brown is the problem?  His career record is 37-135 for a 20% win percentage.  Brian Winters (the coach of the expansion Vancouver Grizzlies in 1995) is the only coach IN NBA HISTORY worse needing 184 games to win 36 games in 3 seasons.  To be fair to Brett Brown, over his 3 years, I can only think of 3 players who would start on opposing teams (MCW, Nerlens, and Okafor).  Needless to say, this team is a joke.

BrettBrownJThere comes a time where you have to start winning ball games.  The future is just as uncertain as the present.  The #3 pick has a foot injury that may never heal.  Saric may never play and even if he does, who’s to say he’s any good.  This year, he’s averaging 9 points, 6 rebounds, and 2 assists after 6 games playing 28 minutes in a EURO League!!!   There is no talent that is going to blossom on the current team.  Stauskas is a poor man’s Korver.  Wroten and Covington are nice players but they aren’t starters.  TJ MCconnell is who is getting hype and he’s a 6-2 WHITE GUY!   I’m sorry but what Hinkie is doing isn’t working.  I hope that this post gets brought back up to me sometime in the near future and people say, “see, he knows what he’s doing.”  I can’t see it though and when a team puts out a shitty product, people shouldn’t buy it.