rob-gronkowski.vresize.1200.675.high.94My fantasy teams are starting to fire on all cylinders going 4-0 this week.  I’m resting in 1st place (6-2 & 5-3) in two leagues, 6th in one, and 9 of 10 in the other.  I’m primed for playoff runs in 3 of the 4 and haven’t counted out the other.  It’s important in fantasy to never give up because that’s what weak willed owners do when they feel like luck is not on their side.  These middling weeks are when the allure of fantasy has worn off and people don’t pay as much attention on the waiver wire.  Never say die.

I’m stuck $230 in Draftkings through 8 weeks.  I read that 90% of the profits made on these sites are won by 1.5% of the players.  I’m not in the 1.5%.  Considering the amount of time I spend trying to beat these sites, I’m beginning to realize it’s a pipe dream to make a profit.  Either way I still have fun putting a few entries in the Million.  Losing 40 bucks a week is still reasonable entertainment but I have a feeling that will even out further as the weeks go on and I deposit less money.

sports-betting-money-managementBetting made a full 180 for me.  I’ve deposited exactly $400 dollars into Bovada and just cashed out $350 and have $150 in my account which puts me up $100 on the season.  This is far more impressive than it looks considering the amount of games I’ve bet.  I was riding the Shee’s heater and two separate times I’ve sank my own ship when making a run.  The Eagles cost me $300 last week and this week I dropped 3 straight (Titans, Steelers, and Jets) for $350.  No problem.

I’m aware these posts don’t hit much of the 7 person audience but it’s the halfway point and why the heck not.  I was also going to write about how much of an asset Gronk was but turns out I have him on 3 teams and the one team in 1st doesn’t have him.  Too lazy to change it.