These first 2 weeks have been rough.  Where to even begin.  Well, lets start with where I was last year.

Good to know I’m equally bad this year. I didn’t keep track of my win totals betting but I know that I’m down exactly $200 Bovada dollars on NFL and College. My college record is 1-5 which a monkey could pick better and my NFL is not much better.

dklineupI didn’t deposit any cash into Fanduel so I was playing with last year’s money but that’s down to $13 from $50. The only deposit I made into DraftKings since I won $100 bucks on some golf tournament is $100 and my balance is $45 which means I’m down around $150. Even worse is if you look back at that one post I put my lineups in, the team that was my best didn’t even get entered in a tournament which I can’t explain.

Fantasy is not going great as I’m 2-8 this year losing one game by .6 and another by .3. My teams are scoring points but I’m hitting fire in my matchups.

Throw in a week of accurately picking 3! games in a league where all you have to do is pick the team that wins and my hands are being thrown up in the air like WTF.

Obviously football is not an exact science. The idea of predicting events to happen before they do is not as easy as it sounds. Despite every huge winner on the DraftKings commercials, real life isn’t so easy. This season is obviously testing my resolve. On to week 3.