This is a ridiculous story.  IK Enemkpali purchased a plane ticket ($600) for Geno Smith.  Geno Smith had something come up and couldn’t use the ticket.  IK Enemkpali demanded the money.  Geno said he didn’t have it.  IK Enemkpali punched him in the face and knocked him out 6-10 weeks with a fractured jaw.  Let’s realistically look at this situation.


The Worst Statement of All-Time


IK Enemkpali

“I apologize to the Jets organization, coaches, teammates and fans,” Enemkpali said. “Geno and I let our frustration get the best of us, but I should have just walked away from the situation. I deeply regret and apologize for my actions. It was never my intention to harm anyone. I appreciate the opportunity I had with the Jets.” – IK Enemkpali 

First and foremost, Ik will be trying to get on another team as hard as possible so let’s dissect the accuracy of his statement.

  1. There should be no “Geno and I” in this statement.  Ik, you punched him in the face.  He’s the starting QB.  You did this over $600 dollars.  What are you thinking?  You aren’t.
  2. “Deeply regret and apologize”.  If the question was phrased, “would you still apologize if someone told you your career was going to be over?” “No” is going off at -1000.
  3. It was never my intention to harm anyone“.  You punched him directly in the jaw.  You had no other intention other than punching him in the jaw.  This must be construed as an intent to harm someone.  Who wrote this shit?


How Good is Geno?

geno-smith-fumbles-against-titansThis is the STARTING QB of the New York Jets.  New York is only the biggest city in the USA and this team has a significant fan base so this story must be important.  HOWEVER, the news doesn’t seem to be mentioning that Geno Smith stinks.  This is supported with the fact that Vegas didn’t move their 100-1 on the Jets winning the Super Bowl (should be 1000-1) and only dropped their O/U win total of 7.5 from -130 to -120.

This is Geno’s 3rd year and he has started 29 of 30 games he’s played.  He’s essentially played 2 full years early in his career.  He is 11-19.  He went 8-8 his rookie year.  This means he was 3-11 last year and lost 7 games in a row.  Stop the fight.  This really isn’t a monster loss.

beard-fitzpatrickRyan Fitz-Magic is his replacement.  Older veteran with a 38-58 record career record.  He keeps games close.  He’s better than Geno Smith.  He went to Harvard.