So I’m just going to give some randomness for a few paragraphs. This guy at the local market where I buy my sandwiches from wore this really crazy Marvel shirt with 50 of their characters on it. I noticed it a month or so ago and I just thought it was weird how I remembered remembering it and thinking back then that it was a unique shirt. It sort of goes against my philosophy of being unrememberable so that you can get away with wearing anything and no one can recollect if you wore it before. Technically I wear 5 t-shirts during the week. I have two of these dark green Jameson shirts, one green B&B sheet metal shirt, and my black Pokerstars shirt. None of them have any flash and I’m pretty sure no one knows that I only alternate 5 shirts on a week to week basis. So for this guy to wear his Marvel shirt and for me to take notice, he can’t even wear it again without me thinking that he wears it all the time. Just something to consider when choosing a wardrobe.

This pet peeve is up there with people using their phones at the dinner table. I cannot stand people who hum a tune. This tilts me to no end. It’s sort of like they don’t like silence so they hum some song that is running through their brain. Personally, I prefer the silence. It just gives me the feeling that instead of thinking of something to say they go with this humming nonsense. It doesn’t come up very often but some woman was doing it line today and I just wanted to get a piece of duct (yes it’s duct tape, not duck tape)(I actually just googled it and apparently it used to be called duck tape…) tape and shut her the fuck up. This also goes along with CK4 who will learn one line from a song and then he’s on repeat for the rest of the day. I know he reads this and it really doesn’t bother me at all compared to the hummers.

I hate getting ripped off by companies. I want to go over a few examples. Potato chip companies that give you 1/3 of the bag of chips and the other 2/3 with air. My mom defends it saying that they need the space so the chips don’t break… I don’t give a shit if my chips are broken, quantity is more important in potato chips than quality. Broken chips don’t lose value. Next, I’m pretty sure Blackberry makes their screens so they are prone to breaking so you have to buy a new one. JC broke his in the first week and mine somehow got a golf tee through it. I always know these companies think of ways like this to get people to buy more of their product. The last one I don’t necessarily agree with but JC swears by it. He thinks the people who make sharpie markers make the cap so that it doesn’t fit the tip properly and is more suspect to fall off so the ink wears out faster. I’ve never really noticed it but if you ever bring it up to him you’ll immediately be his best friend.

I’m just going to finish this with a song I came across that I think is pretty good.

I’m a horrible dancer and I ain’t gonna lie, but i”ll be damned if it means that I’m not gonna to try.
Now I’m a shitty romancer baby ain’t gonna lie, but i’ll be damned if it means I’m not gonna try.