just-run-fasterOn Friday night I took it easy drinking a total of 2 beers the entire night. I hung out with Evan, Adam, Baker, Jkash, and Amber while we visited a bar or two and it wasn’t that hard not drinking. I left at around 10:45pm to JKash telling me that if I didn’t get top 5 in the race, don’t bother talking to him again. He also gave me the good advice to “just run faster”.

I slept at my parents house which is only a few minutes away from the race. I woke up at 6:30 am, drank a quarter cup of coffee which was the perfect amount to cause a stir in my system and eliminate all waste. I showered after that and felt pretty good. I didn’t eat anything which I am still undecided on how smart that was.

I did some minor warm up but I’m not a big proponent of doing much running prior to running as fast as you can in a race type atmosphere. There were 400+ participants and I lined up near the front. The race got off and I started slow. At the first mile I pushed myself into 3rd place with 1 and 2 being younger high school kids who I had no chance of beating. At the 2nd mile a guy overtook me for 3rd and me and this other bro were running together. We got to mile 5 when another guy came up from behind and pressed forward. I was in 5th with 600 yards to go and felt pretty strong as I kept accelerating. It wasn’t meant to be though as I got nipped at the line. After I finished I immediately puked which I can’t think of ever doing before. It was white acid but it had to be done. Sorry Jkash.


My only cameo is at 1:19.  The quarter marathon distance is also pretty dumb but more on that for another time.

AARC presents: Phils Tavern Quarter Marathon from Brett Rogowski on Vimeo.

The only other highlights from the weekend came from beating Sam in mini-golf in dramatic fashion on the last ball rotation. Here’s the scorecard.
Umbria Golf Scorecard

Valley Forge CasinoI also won $600 dollars from a slot machine which is virtually unheard of. I was down $200 from playing Pai-Gow and Craps (thanks to the Shee for teaching me how to play) and decided to put 5 bucks into a machine for 1 spin because why the hell not. The first $5 turned into $40 which should have been enough to quit but Shee said, “you got a hot machine.” I max spun about 5 more times and hit a jackpot for $600 which put me up $300+ for the trip. The Valley Forge pool isn’t too bad for what it’s worth.