thegirlonthetrainThis book was released on February 1st, 2015. It’s a 336 page work of fiction that I read in 2 days (~6 hours) because I enjoyed it that much. I was enthralled thorugh 90% of it and was disappointed by the end. I thought I had it figured out at 71% but this book twists and turns.

It follows an alcoholic named Rachel whose life is a mess. She rides a train and gets herself involved in other people’s lives from what she sees on the train. She gets black out drunk one night and visits her ex-husband and a major event occurs which she spends the rest of the novel piecing together. The author must have been an alcoholic because she is pinpoint on Rachel’s character and what alcoholics go through.

gilronatrainThe story unfolds with more details told by date (and time of day) which was initially confusing but you get used to.  There are 3 characters who tell the story from their perspective which was a neat way of understanding how each character perceives their world. The book definitely kept you guessing which is why I enjoyed it.  It is also being made into a movie so if you don’t read it, you’ll hear about it.