rabbitWhen Alex comments he links his name to what.com.  I have no idea if this is on purpose or not but I learned this yesterday.  What I found was a site categorizing headlines from major news sites like Google, Rolling Stone, and CNet.  The tagline is, “Everything that’s hot, top, now, popular and what.”  The site is moderately entertaining.

With no sense if Alex actually meant to lead me to this site, I figured I’d make a post of useful sites I visit and that you should probably too.  I’d ask you to comment on your favorite sites but this will fall on blind eyes.  Cute little bunny though.


Top Websites

redditReddit.com – If you don’t read Reddit, you are behind the internet.  Top stories are always popping up on Reddit first.  Reddit is user based which means the community posts and than upvotes determine what makes the first page.  If you make the first page, you are a boss who gets tons of attention.   This is why information is always posted ASAP because people yearn for the notoriety.   Not to mention that the NSFW pics are always top notch.   This site is especially useful if you are bored.  The commentors are also some of the smartest people and this is half the fun of perusing Reddit.  I don’t frequent the subreddits except celebs.

yahooYahoo.com – Call me a dinosaur but I actually like Yahoo.  I think their slideshow of 50+ stories are sort of hokey but they keep me up to date.  The finance section is one of the best and I have an affinity for their fantasy sports.  I think they are also trying to be more hip as they show stories from other sites like SBnation, Sports Illustrated, and the Huffington Post.  I’m sure this selection will draw the harshest criticism.

unnamedTwitter.com – The only way to stay current with Twitter is to check it non-stop.  The top comments are always the ones left immediately after the tweet has been posted.  I unfortunately don’t do that.  I have it on my phone and will check it when I’m really bored.  I wish I could comment on more tweets and actually tweet more myself but it’s a full time job to be witty on Twitter.  I still think this is the most fascinating means of communication because it comes directly from the source.

barstoolBarstool.com – I’m not as big of a stoolie as I once was because I find their content to be watered down with the increased amount of bloggers.  I can’t stand the re-post because it shows a lack of professionalism.  I also am tired of the Guess That … and most of the material is drab.  Pres is hilarious though and worth getting his slant on any major sporting event.  This is where you get an inside scoop on topics that fly under the radar.  Don’t forget the merch. “Hats are fire pres! You did it again you dirty dog!”