Tomas Berdych

Betting on tennis is fun.  Coming off of two strong wins predicting Tomas Berdych would cover 1 1/2 sets (he had lost the last 17 matches) vs Nadal and than outright picking Warwinka (+125) to defeat Nishikori , I was thinking tennis was easy money.    I was going to send a group text saying to pick Tomas Berdych outright against Andy Murray.  He was +120 and coming off of a huge win with major momentum.

The match was on at 3:30 this morning which I had no intention of watching.  For some inexplicable reason I woke up at 5 am and decided to check the match.  It was only in the 3rd set after a 76 minute first set that Berdych won.  I decided to go to the gym and watch it on a treadmill.  I got 4+ miles in this morning only to see Berdych lose in the 4th set.  I’m glad I didn’t send a group text to bet on Berdych like I wanted to.

This leads me to the Super Bowl.  The line opened at a pick em and now is the Patriots -2.  My initial thought was it was going to be a Patriots romp with Sherman and Thomas hurt against the Packers.  With 2 weeks of healing my opinion is wavering.  The bet feels like a trap.  I already put $150 on the Patriots at -2 because I was scared the line would move to -3.

zhombaegu2otx9xtvfikIn 2007 the league made a rule change that the road team could use their own footballs.  Since then the Patriots have dominated the league with fewest RB fumbles.  Is it possible that the Patriots play every game with a deflated football because there is less chance to fumble it?  That also has me thrown off.  I’m sure I’ll make a post closer to game time about where my action is but for now i’m all over the place.