Just revisiting a classic clip. If you don’t laugh at 1:43 there is something wrong with you.

“you have a bull on your shirt. you look like a furt from a cartoon. a coon. and ruins like prunes. you live with racoons. animal boon. you live in kalamazoo you foo.”


You have a bull on your shirt

This is a double entendre. The artist(Raindrop) is sarcastically referencing a “bull” on Mike Glambin’s shirt, playing up the irony of this tiny kid fronting a symbol of masculinity. The second meaning is that the “bull” is bullshit, because he doesn’t live up to that symbol.

You look like a fert from a cartoon; A coon.

Raindrop is taking poetic license with the word fert to rhyme with shirt. “fert” here means fart, and is tied up with “shirt” to evoke imagery of farts and shits in association with Mike Glambin. The poetic license is accentuated and cemented with the “cartoon” conclusion. This confirms Raindrops intention to caricaturize Glambin, and further undermines Glambin’s worth as a real man. A coon is a “raccoon” in this context, which will be expanded upon later.

And it runes like prunes

Raindrop continues with the narrative on Glambin fronting his masculinity here. “Rune” in this context is referring to Glambins bull. Raindrop is asserting that Glambins statement of masculinity is a misguided aphorism. The bull’s symbolic, mystical image of power is without substance because of the person equipping it. The icon of manliness shrivels on Glambins body like a prune. This is first a double entendre – where the “rune” is “ruined” like a solid plum to a shrivelled prune. Raindrop is also exercising a triple entendre where Glambin’s nuts are emasculated and withering to prunes.

You live with raccoons.

This is the nail in the coffin, so to speak. The narrative on Glambin’s false manhood has been established in regards to his physique. Now Raindrop emphasizes Glambin’s lack of social decorum and mental sanity by stating he lives with raccoons, which are considered more pest than pet. This also implies that Glambin cannot find a woman to live with, and has settled for living with raccoons.