New segment being introduced. 3 questions that my relationship with a person would entail me to ask that you normally wouldn’t.

Her face at 28 & 49 is priceless.

Her face at :28 & :49 is priceless.

1Q) In this interview, I counted a total of <5 seconds of eye contact from you and Dana Feigenbaum was staring at you the whole time.  She’s obviously attractive.  Would you say your lack of eye contact was due to your inexperience with interviews or because she’s a babe?

1A) I didn’t look at her because I was pissed off. This was the second or third take of this interview, and I thought the questions were stupid (not her fault, but they were). It was also after practice, and everyone was going to dinner, so I wanted to leave. I’d never spoken to her before, and to your point, never again after, so needless to say I didn’t make a great impression.

2Q) I know the name Banshee was your first bike but the domain name bansheemann7 is unusual. If you could change the name to something more appropriate for your current situation, what would it be?

bansheemann72A) I’m genuinely embarrassed to share that URL with people who have never seen the blog before. I want to change it, but have no idea what to change it to. What’s appropriate to my current situation? I work a 40 hour week, I drink a lot, I like sports, I’m young and single, I maintain a shitty blog, and I run a lot. How can I combine those into a URL? I welcome in any suggestions. You already stole the “rnning” theme.

3Q) You suffer from binge drinking which leads to black outs like myself. This is a risky way to go through life and it will catch up to you. Do you think this is because of an uncomfortableness in social situations sober or having no control over the situation when you start bombing shots? Does the first lead to the second?

blackout3A) It depends. First off, I never try to black out. At bars, I generally feel I should always drink more because the looser I am, the better chance I have of picking up a girl. In the comfort of my own home or a friend’s home, I drink a lot because I like drinking games and encouraging others to drink (if you talk the talk you have to walk the walk), with the chance of a hook-up being secondary. I also think making bets that involve drinking is always fun, “Loser of this game of FIFA has to shotgun”, etc. so that leads to binge drinking.

If I had a real incentive to not drink so much, I would. I could go into the night and say alright, because of reason X I’m taking it easy. But I haven’t come across reason X yet. Sacrificing a fun night to compensate a bad hangover isn’t worth it to me, at least not yet. On a final note – shots ALWAYS lead to blackouts for me, so I try to avoid them.