I don’t like using words like juices, wet, or moist because it comes off as slimy.  For lack of a better title though, I haven’t been putting much thought into blog topics.  I will however bore you with football talk.

manish4s-1-webI had too much to drink on Friday night but it wasn’t black out too much, it was my stomach was too filled up with liquid to enjoy myself.  I woke up the next day for a double header in our co-ed rec football.  We destroyed the first team in game one but the second game was quite competitive.  The person I was covering scored 3 TD’s, burning me twice for long ones which was demoralizing.  There is no worse feeling than getting burned on a deep pass and having the entire team shake their head.  We ended up losing by 2 points which was actually a moral victory because the team was solid.

fantasyfootballI went back and slept after that because I was so tired.  I put some money on Michigan State which lost and recovered from Friday.  On Sunday I was feeling good and worked out before watching the games.  I hit a 100 dollar wager on the Jets and then 70 on the Lions only to give 100 back on the Rams and Bears.  I also have major chances for some nice cashes in Fanduel which will hopefully dig me out of this little hole I’ve got myself into.

I also have a chance of going 4-0 in Fantasy as long as Lesean goes for under 23.  This has many implications so I won’t go into any until the game is over.  Either way I’ll be watching closely.  Eagles -7 is too much.