There is a lack of demand for 100% cotton, knit boxers nowadays. Back in High School I owned 3 pairs of tighty-whiteys and the only, and I mean only, reason I wore them was for track meets. I refused to be Jon Ragen whose boxers were lower than the short shorts. I have no interest in my cock and balls not having any breathing room. I’m a boxer man.

414bzqpwv1LBoxers at department stores still exist but they are always the woven kind. The woven kind is this too hard fabric which is extremely uncomfortable and I’d much rather free ball if it came down to that.  Woven is like having sand paper scratch your dick while you walk.  My preference is the 100% cotton, knit seen boxer to the right.

Boxers vs BriefsThis leads me into what I purchased from Amazon because I’ve seen them everywhere. If you walk around a Macy’s there are 0 pair of what I’m looking for and hundreds of pairs of tighty whiteys and boxer briefs. Due to the lack of supply and my desire to keep an open mind, I purchased some Hugo Boss boxer briefs.

I honestly feel suffocated. My johnson can’t breathe and is shrinking smaller than normal. When I have boxers on I hang dong. This feels humiliating and emasculating. I also feel my sperm count lowering and my farts sticking to my skin.  With all of these negatives, I will still give these a try because I spent 20 dollars on 3 pairs and the elastic on my old boxers are starting to wear out and that’s far worse. There may even have to be a part two to this underwear conundrum because I can tell it’s riveting material.