• Daffy from Gremlins 2Brookes is a big fan of Gremlins 2.  I now know about Gizmo, Mohawk, Lenny, George, and Daffy.  Mr. Clamp was my favorite character.
  • Wiener is the first word that pops into Sam’s mind when given the topic, “things you blow”.  I have no knowledge of casseroles and my mom is intelligent when it comes to crosswords and general knowledge.
  • JC put up the highest front 9 I have ever seen carding a 79.  He got it together with a 61 back after not having played golf in 5 years.
  • 4chan-friends-meetSam showed me how to surf 4Chan‘s b board and now I can make an effort to be a /b/tard.  I will note that anyone who says they prefer 4Chan over Reddit is saying something that I now understand.
  • Laura asking if human’s lay eggs was pretty out there.  She is also pretty damn good at Yoga.
  • JC’s love of Robin Thicke’s song Blurred Lines is incomparable to anyone on this planet.  He also loves the meatloaf at the Princeton.
  • Cape May to Lewes Ferry

    Cape May to Lewes Ferry

    Lewes, DE has the most canes and walkers in the US.  I made this up but has to be close.  The woman in the museum said that the English ate limes to fight off scurvy and the Germans ate sauerkraut.  This respectively led to Limeys and Krauts as nicknames.  She was old and loved the movie Master and Commander.

  • Jeff gets a head shake and nod on this stunt.  I don’t have the stomach for these types of wild moves into 4 ft deep water.

  • Please vote on this poll and leave a comment if you know who Vanna White is.  Someone in our family had never heard of her before and believes that most people in a certain generation have never heard of her either.

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