Tronview Radio Alarm Clock Camera NewI thought I was waking up at 7am and instead it was 8am.  I accidentally turned on my alarm this morning for 6:30am.  While accidentally doing that I must have also accidentally moved the clock behind an hour.  I thought I was getting an early start on the day and instead ended up rushing to work.

death-thumb-180x260I skipped breakfast because my appetite was messed up from the weekend.  I had been doing a good job not drinking much alcohol but this weekend I drank pretty good on Friday and Saturday, then I had about 8 beers on Sunday for the Eagles.  This was a mistake.  I spent all yesterday with a dry mouth and not feeling 100%.  Today I feel a tad bit better but still dehydrated and not eating right.  Live and don’t learn.

I hit a nice 6 team teaser over the weekend for +120 to the betting account which is keeping me running after a few poor sports bets.  I also went 3-1 in fantasy but managed to lose another 50 dollars in Fanduel.  With all the action flying around I’m not winning but I’m also not losing much either.  Considering I’ve been betting for 5 weeks now, I think this is considered a moderate success.

I-feel-like-shitI had 3 drafts lined up to write last Friday when I was firing on all cylinders but I hit a wall and am recovering from it.  I expect everything to be back to normal tomorrow as recovery time from heavy weekend drinking has gotten to a solid 2 days.  I know this sounds absurd but it’s the truth.