Mary – Conservative 60’s name
Lisa – Overtook Mary in the 60’s and held steady
Jennifer – 1970 was the year Love Story was released. The female romantic lead is named Jennifer.
Amanda – Sprinkled in popularity among the mid-south in the 80’s
Ashley – Mid 80’s in the East and then huge in the early 90’s
Jessica – Overtook Jennifer with the help of Ashley in the 80’s and early 90’s
Emily – Big in the 90’s mostly up North and West Coast
Madison – Attributed to the movie Splash played by Daryl Hannah.
Hannah – Late 90’s, popular in the Southern region
Emma – Theory that Rachel’s baby on Friends was named Emma.
Isabella – I have never met one person named Isabella. Twilight induced.
Sophia – Lots of kids in the NW and East coast born with this name in the late 00’s
Addison– North and South Dakota favorites by today’s standards
Donna – NC in 2014 WTF