I was surprised to see that I had at least 30 entries in both March and April compared to a mere 18 in May. I’m not sure if it was my lack of motivation in May or my devotion to this in the other months. Anyways, I’m going to try to get back on track here a little bit. What that means is that I’m going to start having to carry a pen with me and write things down that I think are worthy to write about. I think I was in a “funk” throughout the month of May though which led to sub par entries and a down view on life. I really do believe that your character is more so defined by how you handle the downswings in life. I’m staring at two weeks of vacation though at the end of this month and it’s been a while since I’ve actually had more than just a couple days of relaxing and enjoying life. I feel somewhat wrong in saying this as I probably have more flexibility in my job than most. Not to mention that I’m born into the best country and have all the opportunities in front of me to go along with good health and good friends. Aside from that though I’m going to spin this entry off into some randomness that I find in my day to day.

I’ve wrote this before but I listen pretty closely to the words that people use. The way people speak gives away a good deal about what their brain is processing. Not only do I listen to others speak, but I notice the way my own brain handles data. Lately, I’ve been using the word ridiculous to describe things. If something amazing happens or if something comical goes down. The word can be used pretty often for a number of different occasions. Falling into this type of trend makes me feel like a tard because I take it as my brain is too dumb to come up with any other words than ones I’m already using. It portrays a lack of thought. So whenever I notice myself doing this I go to the Thesaurus and look up the word. Now things can be outrageous, preposterous, or shocking. The problem with the Thesaurus though is that it doesn’t give any good slang phrases like I would expect from Urban Dictionary. Where is the Urban Thesaurus? (I just looked it up and “a book synonymous with making you sound cooler instead of just smarter.”) So now that this is behind me I’m hoping to move on with a fresh start from the ridiculous period.

Everyone has an opinion on how to do things. Whether it be brushing your teeth, shaving your face, or trimming your pubes, everyone has their own way. Just because I think it’s better to do it one way doesn’t necessarily mean my way is better than yours. But there are concepts in this world that some people are just so oblivious to that I find it important once in a while to point out.

  • I don’t find the happy trail a good look. Unless you are one hairy ass gorilla where there is no discrepancy from one part of your body to the other, a happy trail looks unkempt and foolish. I’ve also read that some girls like hairy guys so I can see where I may be off base here.
  • You are stupid for not going to the dentist. I can’t tell you how many people I’ve met that refuse to go to the dentist and they all say the same thing, “I brush my teeth really hard and I don’t have any problems.” Last time I checked it’s pretty difficult to see the enamel in your gums corroding away from your lack of flossing in the mirror. This goes hand in hand with the doctor as well. I told my mom I wanted to get a blood test and she said something to the effect, why would you get a blood test if you feel fine. To which I retort, “how do I know I’m fine unless I get a blood test.”
  • Body gel blows regular soap out of the water. I feel like a neanderthal using bar soap. I suppose soap is supposed to kill bacteria but I just get the feeling it lives on top and turns into mold and then you wash yourself with nasty ass germs. I will never take a bath or use bar soap ever again. This is really random but the hot tub scene in both Baseketball and Out Cold with Victoria Silvstedt playmate of the year just popped in my head.
  • Reading magazines that you haven’t bought yet is wrong. I saw a girl take a magazine from the front counter and park herself there while she skimmed all the pages. Now if you are in line waiting to be checked out, I feel it’s perfectly acceptable to skim through the magazine and see if there is any hot ass in those celeb magazines. However, I could tell that this girl had no intention of buying the magazine and was treating the CVS like a library (I incorrectly wrote pharmacy the first time).
  • Switching lanes in heavy traffic is one of the most pointless things ever. If you think you are getting further ahead by switching in and out, you are creating chaos and accomplishing nothing. I also find it unbearable watching people switch lanes by looking over their shoulder. Do you have any idea how dangerous it is to take your eyes off the road to look over your shoulder driving at 65 mph? The cell phone in the car is also just as worrisome. I’ve been accident free all my life but I have indeed typed while driving and there is no doubt this is asking for trouble.
  • Littering and not picking up after yourself should really be instilled into society. Severe penalties should be given out for both. Having the mindset that you don’t have to clean up after yourself and essentially handing the burden to someone else because you are too selfish and lazy to do it yourself is a surefire way to bother people while displaying your lack of manners in the process. I remember I was in a McDonald’s in Canada and everyone would just walk out of the restaurant and leave all their trash on the table. It was like entering Alice’s wonderland where nothing made sense. I don’t even preach spic and span but just some order and respect go a long way.
  • My opinion on whether things are good or not has been improving with age. If you ever notice the things that I think are good, are almost always highly acclaimed. So you could easily make the point that I only like things that other people already tell me are good. I just would like to make clear that I started watching True Blood from the beginning. No one said anything about the show, I gave it a chance and people jumped aboard and now everyone rants and raves about it. I watched the pilot of Californication and said “I think this show is about a 6, but they had multiple sex scenes and boobs aplenty so I gave it an 8” and now look where it is. I even watched the pilot of Glee before it was even produced and I blogged about it, stating that it had potential. Now the press is absolutely raving about the show and it’s already picked up for a 3rd season. I watched the movie Observe and Report with Seth Rogan and I can tell you that it was an absolutely terrible movie. Aside from the back and forth Fuck You’s 22 minutes into the movie, this was dark, moronic plot and absurdly dumb. I would have given it 25 percent based on Rotten Tomatoes and they had it at 50. I think I’d actually have a really good time being a critic but I think my vocab and writing skills are too weak to really make anything of it.

    I think the fact that I can write this much and get no gratification at all from it makes me wonder why I still do. The crowd is meek, the money is none, the task tedious. I just think one of these days something will come from it. I have no idea what and don’t really expect much, but it isn’t all for naught.