future_city_downtownThe present date is June 1st, 2054. Bear Polo has become the most popular game of the era mainly because of the increased intelligence of bears. In the past 40 years bears have begun to walk upright and their communicative skills have reached a basic level where they can understand commands.

Bear Polo is Polo but where players ride bears if you couldn’t guess. The object of the game is to hit a ball, while on the bear, through a goal. Popularity of the sport has hit its peak.

bearfightingA common concern is for the safety of the players. In the year 2054, there are “good” bears and they are being acclimated into society as “athletes”. Amazingly, the bears seem to understand bear polo and enjoy playing it. Not all bears have evolved to the point of comprehending how to play bear polo but there are dozens in the current pool. This is where the bear negotiator comes in.

With so little talent from the bear community to draw on, it becomes increasingly important for the player to have the right bear to ride on. Some bears are treated like royalty because of their awareness on the field.  Some bears go rogue and still live in the wilderness while participating in the sport.  These are the most wild bears but can be the most dominant on the field.  The risk is enormous hopping on one of these bad boys..

Brown-bear-female-and-its-children-play-with-a-ball-in-Kamchatka-Peninsula-Russia-8012761Other bears have decided to use owners.  The owners shelter and feed the bears with hopes that they will perform better on the field.  Owners have begun finding agents for “their bears.” Being a bear owner is a dangerous task but the agent is equally as important.  The agent’s job is challenging because if the wrong rider meshes with the wrong bear, death is inevitable.  Not too many people are up for the responsibility.

Drew Barenhaus has risen to the top with his uncanny approach of knowing which bear should work with each rider based on speed, ethics, and power. This story though wouldn’t be a story without a story. Little did Drew know was that he was being let in to the inside of the bear world where more than meets the eye. A takeover was in the works and the human race was in danger. Barenhaus is the medium between bears and mankind and is called, “the bear negotiator”.