People never worried about themselves as much as they do today. Back in the day it used to be what can I do to make myself more productive. What skill can I pick up to find a job that will pay me? How can I advance myself with limited resources. Today we have unlimited resources and education yet society is seemingly dumber than ever. Here are some examples:

Some selfies are cool.  Most aren't

Some selfies are cool. Most aren’t

Selfies – Holding a camera in front of your face and taking a picture of where you are has to be the most egotistical thing since googling yourself. What is the point here other than asking for attention from others? Would you still take the selfie if it sat in your phone’s memory and it couldn’t be displayed? Don’t get me wrong, if the selfie warrants a picture because your in an awesome location or with a huge celebrity that’s cool, but not in your bedroom.

ice-bucket-challengeIce Bucket Challenge – The person I want to be friends with is the guy who hears about the challenge, learns about ALS, donates to the fund, and doesn’t tell a soul.  What this video to really learn about ALS.   ALS has gotten lost behind the popularity of the challenge. In no way is this a bad thing because I didn’t understand ALS previously and now I do so it absolutely spread awareness and raised $11 million dollars (this number is pitiful by the way). When people are making compilations of failed Ice Bucket Challenges, the message got lost.

imagesBeing an Irritant – People will irritate people on purpose. They’ll take positions that they don’t believe in because they can. Being an irritant serves no positive function. A major difference in being an irritant verse making a point is actually backing a position up with hard facts and conviction.  It’s not wrong to disagree, but it is to disagree on purpose.

open-mind-for-a-new-world-paulo-zerbatoKeep an Open Mind – As I get older I start removing my opinion when I consider a position. This is instinctively difficult because once you hear something you disagree with it’s easy to discount it. I’ve learned that even though I may think it sucks or is wrong, giving people the benefit of the doubt is important. Once you’ve thought about the subject, had time to consider the viewpoints, a decision can be made.