Apple-Siri10. Super Smart Assistants – Projects like IBM’s Watson and Cycorp’s CYC have brought AI skills for learning and reasoning to another level. However the best is yet to come, as experts predict that computers will increase in power by 50 to 100 times by 2030. Starting a new age of super smart assistants allowing humanity to be more efficient in work and research.

Humans will develop smarter AI and an I Robot situation will take place.


vactrain19. Hypersonic Trains – China is testing a concept called Super Maglev that could reach 1,800 mph. The train is encapsulated in a vacuum tube and would run on solar power. It’s immune to air resistance and weather conditions. A similar project in the US has begun and could be achieved as early as 2040.

I have no problem with faster travel.  If it’s safe and fast, it will be accepted in society.

buergy_hwd8. Wearable Computers – Create virtual realities and scan the world with detailed information like a real explorers tool to handling all communication.

Google Glass is already accomplishing this.  Soon we will all be wearing computers getting real time information on everything we see.  Enhancing reality has its ups and downs.

3D-House-490x2737. Advanced 3-D Printing – 3D printing is now called, “the Second Industrial Revolution”. Printers have printed a 2,500 square foot house in just 24 hours.

I think this is amazing and will revolutionize the world.  I just bought 50 shares of SSYS for my retirement account.  

ear6. Lab-Grown Organs – They grow organs from cells. Ears, noses, and even a brain are in development. This will change the lives of people missing partial or full organs, and avoiding most risk of rejection.

Seems neat.  If you can re-create kidneys, livers, and anything else, people will live longer.  

tlou5. Super Immersive Gaming – Now bigger than the movie and music industries, video games will become the major source of entertainment in the future. Game controllers are thought to disappear within the next 10 years in favor of “haptic touch” technology, allowing users to touch virtual objects.

Living in a virtual reality is what people with low self esteem have always hoped for.  Lose yourself in the game.  I don’t see how this helps society.

deka_arm4. Bionic Arms – From “I Limbs” to the titan arm, a new upper-body exoskeleton that can double the average person’s strength. Prosthetics should appear human like and unnoticeable within the next 20 years and be controlled by a person’s mind.

This would be horrible if it malfunctioned with my penis in my hand.

google-driverless-car3. Driverless Cars – Driverless cars could be on the market as soon as 2015. Google’s driverless cars have now driven more than 700,000 miles without a single accident. This should lead to a future with less pollution, fewer accidents, and the pleasure to drive only remaining for leisure.

 A horrible way to go if the car drove you off a cliff.

2. Holographic Technology – The prospect of holding holograms in the palm of the hand remains but a dream to this day. The next step in 3d is already on the way as Ostendo, a California company, recently announced a tiny projector, able to show 3d holograms that don’t require glasses to be seen, and a plan to release 5000 PPI hologram projection phones in 2015. This could lead to restoring sight to the blind or bringing your doctor directly inside your body.

I’m already freaked out enough by real life.  Lifelike holograms aren’t going to help this.

1. Eternal Life – Advanced technologies like the “human regenerator” engineered by a German company are in progress to find ways to keep wealthy people in good health, and looking good. New research even led scientists to predict that we should be capable of turning the clock back in the 2020’s. A Harvard study also found that altering DNA in mice could have a Benjamin Button effect.

This would be the best and worth thing for people.  Wealthy people living forever and poor people dying.  A debate would be waged forever after.