I haven’t watched reality TV in many years but when it struck in 2000, it struck hard with talent.  Casts were scripted to have certain stereotypes and a hot girl was always one of them.  I’m going back to the early 2000’s to pick the best looking babes from early reality TV.

Colleen Haskell from Survivor


Colleen Haskell from Survivor I

From the first season of Survivor, Colleen was the best looking female (with Jenna as a close second but she made a sex tape so I had to exclude her).  You may remember her (probably not) from the Rob Schneider movie Animal which was god awful.  She has a credit in one episode of that 70’s show but gave up acting to be a real person.  For that one season of Survivor, she was the cat’s meow coming in as the girl next door.  Her Facebook page has 1,700 likes which is better than an average person but not celebrity status.

Mandy Lauderdale from Temptation Island

Mandy from Temptation Island

Mandy from Temptation Island

She had the best color hair on Temptation Island back in 2001.   This was not Fox’s finest show but the idea of putting couples on an island to test the strength of their relationship wasn’t atrocious.  It has a 3.2 rating on IMDB so I wouldn’t be surprised if 0 people who read this blog remember it.  Mandy has 7,000 followers on Twitter and is a singer for a burlesque show in Atlanta, Ga.

Elisabeth Filarski from Survivor


Elisabeth Hasselbeck from Survivor

Oh you mean Elisabeth Hasselbeck?  The season 2 hottie from Survivor that married the no talent analyst Tim Hasselbeck.  What a babe.  Who would have thought that Survivor would have been a stepping stone to a high profile job on the View when she was only 26.  She married Hasselbeck out of college which is even crazier how she got on Survivor, rose to prominence herself, and then married an NFL player.  Nice life choices!

Susie Meister from Road Rules


Susie Meister of Road Rules: Austraila

When I think of Road Rules I think of Tanya Cooley.  Tanya was certifiable and did a Cinemax softporn.  Susie was the best looking of Road Rules cast when I used to watch back in the early 2000’s.  She looks like she took the normal life path which isn’t surprising when you find out she has a strong Christian background and is from Pittsburgh.  With 11k followers on Twitter, I would guess her days out of the public high have arrived. She maintains a blog and probably gets less traffic than I do.


Megan Hauserman from Beauty and the Geek

Megan Hauserman from Beauty and the Geek

Megan Hauserman from Beauty and the Geek

This is a little more recent hitting with Megan’s first appearance in 2008.  Megan could be one of the most polarizing females to play the reality TV game.  She had a plan to become famous going into these shows and did a wonderful job of doing so.  She spun her win from the Beauty and the Geek role into appearances on VH1’s I Love Money, Rock of Love, and then her own show, Megan Wants a Millionaire, on VH1.  The latter show was cancelled when one of the contestants, Ryan Jenkins, murdered Jasmine Fiore.  She has a DUI and got into some feud with Sharon Osborne which is about the most exciting news I can drum up on her.  What a bod.


Trishelle Cannatella from Real World

Trishelle Cannatella from Road Rules

Trishelle Cannatella from Road Rules

I had a crush on Trishelle during her Real World days in 2002.  She evolved into an MTV reality star and even tries making money playing poker which is kind of hot.  Her Facebook page still gets updated on a regular basis and I’d say she still looks pretty damn good.   With 35k Twitter followers, she is one of the most lasting figures from the early reality TV days.  Pretty nice ass too.