I read somewhere that it’s important to learn something new everyday.  What I’m going to share are going to be relevant to the times. If someone from 1900 went through this list they’d be like, “what the fuck is he talking about.” In the rare scenario where someone is reading my blog from the year 3,000, every morsel of information would be irrelevant.

      • My house.

        My house.

        Buying > Renting (although only slightly) – When I was in the process of buying a house I’d read everywhere how much better buying was than renting.  Newsflash, it isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.  Real life estimated example, I’ve been a home owner for 8 months and have given the bank upwards of 15k, the principal on my mortgage has been paid down about 2k.  All money goes towards taxes and interest for the first few years.  Meaning if I wanted to sell, I’d hardly have paid off any equity on my home.

      • Brita – I recently bought a Brita after many years of being a case of plastic water bottle person.  Since the water is always in the fridge, is tastes cold and refreshing.  The downside is I always have to fill it up and it’s in the kitchen which is floors away from my bedroom.  The change is not a big deal though and I would have saved hundreds of dollars on water over the years.
      • The 55th Annual GRAMMY Awards - Red CarpetJack Antonoff – He is the lead singer of Bleachers and is also a member of the trio Fun.  I knew Nate Reuss from Fun. ,but the rest of the band was a bit of an unknown to me.  I think this is pretty impressive to be part of a huge band like Fun. and then drop the popular song, “I Want to Get Better”.
      • Dehumidifier – I bought a 15 gallon dehumidifier for the basement.  If I could go back in time, I would have spent the extra hundred plus dollars and got a 500 gallon dehumidifier.  The damn thing fills up nightly and 365 empties of a dehumidifier are worth a hundred bucks to me.
      • dave-francoDave Franco – He is James Franco’s brother.  He played the drug slinging high school kid in 21 Jump Street and then the frat brother in Neighbors.  Today was honestly the first day I learned that he was James Franco’s brother.
      • Twitter Will Win! – It has the most up to date information on just about anything you can think of.  I’m noticing more people joining Instagram and it’s about time that Twitter starts becoming even more mainstream.  Where else can you find tweets like this?

    • iggyazlaeaIggy Azalea – She has a fat ass.  Aside from that, Fancy has crossed the 100 million plays on Youtube which is a big number.  The voice that she generates doesn’t sound like it should come from her which I think is a key reason for her success.  Oh yeah, she has a fat ass. The video plays off of the movie Clueless which was clever.