This was one of the few weekends where I remained sober the entire time. Wagon and I golfed after work on Friday and I probably had one of the worst rounds in years. I was pretty awful and there really are no excuses. Then Saturday we had softball, which again I was not hungover for. The other team was awful and we ended up winning. After that we painted the beer pong table and watched basketball. I completely failed in the race two times. Number one, my bib didn’t register so I was a phantom runner. Number two, I didn’t do better than last years time. I crossed the line at 60:45 or so and I figure there was probably a 5 second delay so that puts me at 60:40, 25 seconds slower than last year. I’m really disappointed. I thought I put in a lot of effort into training and to not improve over last years time, AND letting girls beat me is really disheartening. I did however execute the strategy of getting there and leaving perfectly. I parked in Citizens bank, subway to the start, and then after I finished I abruptly left and went to my car and jumped on 76 which was empty at 10am. There’s really nothing else of interest.