ghana-USAAside from a few drunk Saturday mornings, I don’t watch soccer.  I find the game slow and the acting for penalties difficult to stomach.  However, I felt the urgency to watch a game that the USA only plays every 4 years…because it’s a game to bet on.  I’ve been riding some Bovada money and have a a few shekels to throw around.  So I think to myself, USA or Ghana in a pick em?

On Friday night I took a cab home at 1:30 and had a cab driver who was from Ghana.  I knew that Ghana knocked the US out of the last world cup and that they had the US’s number in past games.  The cab driver and I discussed the match and he wasn’t overly confident that Ghana would take down the US.  Today I decided to make a wager.  I knew I was planning on watching the game with a crowd and also know that it is in bad taste to bet against the USA.  So I did what an American does, I bet on US.

If you watched the game, you know this proved amazing.  An early goal brought elation to be followed 80 minutes later by a goal from Ghana.  Knowing how hard it is to score goals, especially with 9 minutes left, I was chalking it up as a loss.  Pony tail man’s corner was perfectly placed and John Brooks, Jr. headed it in a few minutes later.  USA didn’t deserve to win that game but they pulled it out.

When I asked Gourlay where the smart money was he told me to lay off it.  His heart said USA and brain said Ghana.  This proved to be exactly right as Ghana “won” the game, but the US scored more goals.    I will say though, and I’ve done this in the past but have learned my lesson, betting against the home team is a scummy move.  There will always be another game. USA! USA! USA! Ok I’m off the bandwagon until next game.