Wonderful songs are found on movie soundtracks.  I even create playlists on Spotify that mimic soundtracks exactly.  Here are a few songs that I urge you to listen to if you never have.

Mary’s Prayer by Danny Wilson
From the Something About Mary soundtrack, a Farrelly brothers movie, which usually have dynamite soundtracks.  Lining up with the main characters name adds to a great song. A Jeff favorite.

If You Were Here by Thompson Twins
I will always watch 16 Candles if it is on. The Samantha Baker / Jake Ryan romance is about as good as it gets. The kiss scene across the birthday cake is amped up with the fabulous song by the Thompson Twins.

Bad Reputation by Freedy Johnston
Another Farrelly brothers soundtrack from the movie Kingpin. It’s hard not to pick Showdown by ELO during the bowling scene and Bill Murray’s wild hair.

Everybody’s Talkin by Harry Nilsson
Midnight Cowboy is a decent movie but it produced an A+ song. It’s used many times throughout the movie and has a nice rhythm to it.

The World Ain’t Slowing Down by Ellis Paul
Round it out with the 3rd Farrelly brother movie Me, Myself, and Irene. Awesome song that relates to everyone at some time or another.