I feel like an old man. My hand still is bothering me from last weekend. My feet have these blisters on them that doesn’t allow me to put full pressure on my toes. I have a cut on my hand from nicking it against a grinding wheel. I really am just falling apart. Add all that to a pretty regular weekend and here I am with nothing to write about. The beer pong table had some minor adjustments made to it and hopefully in the next few weeks we will paint it and start putting it to use. Softball was uneventful in a loss to a team of the elderly. My only point of interest was Chad not tagging up properly. He can say whatever he wants for his reasoning in hesitating but if you have a throw coming in from left field and a girl is catching, once you make your move home I don’t think you should be looking back.

Yesterday I literally did nothing but watch TV and did some cleaning up. First I watched a documentary on HBO about a Collins – Resto fight. Basically an underdog’s corner took the padding out of his gloves and this allowed him to beat Collins and also end his career by damaging his iris, which in turn led him to suicide. Then there was all this controversy on who did what to the gloves. Then I watched the Jack Kevorkian biopic on HBO yesterday. It was entertaining but nothing worth raving about. Then watched the Hunted with Tommy Lee Jones and Benecio Del Toro which was light on plot but big on action to combine for a ho-hum movie. Then started Gangs of New York but I had to quit halfway through because it was a bit slow. I dvr’d it so maybe I’ll finish it tonight. Not too much going on honestly.

I only have one point of interest that I can’t find information on anywhere. Amongst me and my friends I say that professional athletes, particularly bball and football, can’t run under 5 minute miles. This comes as amazement to my friends who think that this shouldn’t be too tough of a task for someone who is in as good condition as these guys. I absolutely believe that these people are in top shape but a mile is a long enough race that even fast people can get tired. I’d be curious to know what times people out there think guys like Chris Paul and DeSean Jackson would run in the mile?

Also, the shee and wagon tell me that this blog is going downhill. If I spent my life taking advice from these high minded intellectuals…