edmThis past week I’ve been listening to the Avicii Spotify radio station and came across music that I liked. I’ve never gave this type of music a shot before and figured it couldn’t hurt to expand my knowledge. First and foremost, I hardly know anything about the genre so I’m not even sure if the “kids” call it EDM anymore or if it is going by some other names like trance, techno, or house music. Either way I figured Avicii is one of the most popular with crushing hits like Hey Brother and Wake Me Up so why not start there.  I’d guess he’s not considered pure because of how mainstream he’s become and the real fans hate the sell outs. Start with the most popular though seemed reasonable.

wnd_8a8ab6f8c73bec43d142bd97b98afa03The station plays the main artists like Avicii, David Guetta, DeadMau5, Tiesto, and Calvin Harris.   Considering these are some of the biggest names in the industry, I was exposed to the biggest hits as well as deeper cuts.  To my surprise, I’d already heard most of the tracks without even realizing it.  Herein lies the problem.  What I’d already heard were the hits (which are no doubt catchy) and the lesser songs flat out aren’t worth listening to. On most 2nd level tracks, lyrics don’t separate these songs so they go strictly on beat and feel.  It all sounds similar to me and out of the hundred or so songs I listened to, I liked less than 10%

[dropcap background=”yes” color=”#333333″]The Drop- The exact moment when you realize you’re about to have diarrhea.   AKA, when the beat drops.



pillsNow the songs I did like, I really liked.  If I didn’t think they were incredible songs I wouldn’t have listened to as many as I did.  I think what separated the good from the bad for me was the hooks and beat changes used in the music.  I needed some lyrics to keep my attention.  If it was pure beat, I fell into a trance of not caring, and not listening, to what was playing.  A confusing aspect to me was that songs get remade a handful of times by many artists and then who knows what remix is worth listening to. Avicii remixed his own previous album which is just remixing your own songs?!? Confusing to say the least.

I’ve created a playlist on Spotify that shares the songs I liked but I know most people won’t use it so I’ll add a few Youtube clips. Based on the amount of views on the songs I posted, it’s clear I’m not present in this music.  If DJ Weens is reading this post, all suggestions would be appreciated.