reddit-alienI know not everyone uses Reddit but the more I use it, the more I believe that it delivers news faster than any other website.  Essentially people > press in terms of speed.  Reddit is a site where its users post everything and anything.  From sports, to earth pics, to pet pics, to NSFW gifs, it delivers interesting content at speeds faster than normal and this blog is proof.

On Tuesday morning I watched and posted a video of Jack Nicklaus sinking an 102′ putt back in 2010.  I had seen the video on Reddit’s front page and figured why not share something pretty cool.  Unbeknownst to me, this video started making its rounds around the internet and was actually picked up by more reputable sites for news.  Here is Yahoo posting the story 17 hours ago.      Here is BarStool posting it sometime last night.

Energy-Hyperspace_thingy_3The video has since been removed from YouTube but I hope you see the point here.  My shitty ass site posted a story that was considered material for much larger sites like Yahoo and Barstool who actually have a staff to find news.  My post was more than 24 hours ahead of them.  Why did this happen?  Because I read it on Reddit.  This site is a foremost information hub.  If you don’t Reddit, you are late to  the news.