I sent this letter to try to bump the share price of Sirius and with little care if Howard Stern actually comes back to Sirius Radio. This news would be a nice jump to the share price because Howard really is a major part of Sirius revenue. I have options on Sirius that I made 66% on until today’s fuckjob from Goldman Sucks. I have them out till June though so there is still plenty of time to reap the benefits of a Siri jump. I’m considering liquidating everything I own and going down with the Siri ship. Full steam ahead!

Dear Staff,
I’m writing with regard to Howard Stern’s decision to retire at the end of 2010. Let’s face it, Howard is still currently the biggest thing in radio. He commands a loyal following and he has developed into quite possibly the best interviewer around. I find the shticks with the whack packers so much less entertaining than Howard interviewing A list celebs and other topical figures. He’s been doing it for such a long time that he has a knack for asking the right questions that the audience wants to hear. That being said I would like to bring his decision to retire alongside with the future of Sirius Radio.

As you are well aware, Sirius was revived from the jaws of bankruptcy to come back a long way from it’s low. I have been a supporter of the company for many years now and I truly believe it is here to stay and will thrive in the future. The programming is top notch and people will catch on to static free radio all over the country anywhere, anytime. The main reason I’m writing this is to let Howard know that he has plenty of fans out there who would hate to see him go. He still does a fabulous job and even if it’s only a short term 1 year contract, it would mean a lot to Sirius as a company. This company is on the verge of breaking out and as a big fan of both the show and the company, I know Howard is a major cog in the Sirius machine. This letter is to show my support for the Stern show and to hopefully let Howard know that there are plenty of other fans with my same exact viewpoint. Keep up the good work.