How does this happen?  The odds of this have to be through the roof.  A 74 year old man, *arguably the best player to ever play the game*, walks up to an 102 ft putt and sinks it like it’s just another day.  To give you an idea of how hard this is:

PGA’s Shot Tracker reveals that tour players on average make:

  • 99% of putts from 3 feet and in
  • 69% of 6-foot putts
  • 54% of 8-foot putts
  • 31% of putts between 10 and 15 feet

pga_tiger_vs_jack_b1_575x288I also found it interesting that Tiger Woods and the Golden bear are at the exact same point in their careers with regard to Major tournaments won.  They are both 38 and have 14 major wins.  Chance that Tiger gets to 18 to match Jack?  I’d give it 15%.

Making putts like this and being a boss are how you get a drink named after you.