The female celeb game is constantly changing.  Relevancy is a huge part of whether a celeb is hot right now and it’s almost impossible to always stay popular.  That’s why I’ve scoured the net to find the 6 celebrities who has Mugatu astutely puts it is, “so hot right now.”  You can click on the gallery pics for an enhanced view.

6. Christina Hendricks – I know that a woman is hot when I don’t watch, or have even seen, the show and I’m aware of her existence. Her breasts are amazing. They could be the 2 best boobs on the planet (I’d actually vote for Lucy Pinder). Either way, her red hair makes her unique and the fact that her boobs are as big as her head just inflate her ranking.

Christina Hendricks getting laid


5 . Emma Watson – I’m always torn on Emma Watson. In some pictures she looks so bland that I’m not sure what people see in her. Then I see her in some of these pictures and she is kind of hypnotizing. She was pretty good in This is the End and I see how she steals the show on the big screen (I’ve never watched a Harry Potter). She wins the entire nerd class and is their queen.  She will be huge for years to come.

Emma Watson Hot Gif


4. Selena Gomez – I’m not a huge Selena fan but she’s a natural beauty. With the Disney background and attachment to Bieber, she is held up on a pedestal for being hot and mediocre. I see her looks fading over time but in the present day, she would probably win in terms of best looking overall.  That face / body combo is just killer.



3. Mckayla Maroney – Just turned 18 and is a dual threat with a gold medal in the vault and the All-American beauty look. She’s still a child and acts pretty much like a child from what I can tell from her social media. The fact that she is constantly blowing up her instagrams with haymakers (give Pres the credit) on a regular basis makes me wonder how she puts up with the comments these pictures generate.  To be the best in the world at something and have these looks, it isn’t fair.


2. Kaley Cuoco – She is on one of the top shows and all eyes are on her. Big Bang added a few hot chicks to try to steal the spotlight and Kaley still shines through. She’s branched off into commercials and I’m sure we’ll see her in more movies in the near future. Her look is beautiful and her body is slamming. It’s a shame she recently got married.



Incredible Gif

Incredible Gif


1. Katy Perry – My number 1 and the web’s clear #1. She is the total package. Her music is consistently topping the charts, she is selling out concerts, she does charitable work, and is idolized by millions of kids. Her 2 weapons are always armed and she utilizes them perfectly. She is on top right now and a clear cut winner. It’s lonely at the top.