I try to remind people to follow my AltNation playlist on Spotify because I always keep it updated and it has the newest / best songs available.  The songs that have been released in the last few weeks are top notch.  Since I know people read the blog but don’t use Spotify, I’ll give a taste through this post.

SomeKindaWonderful – Reverse
With 10,000 views only yesterday, this song is going to pop. I think it’s awesome.

Prides – The Seeds You Sow
Been on the alternativeaddiction countdown as the #1 song for weeks now.

Black Keys – Fever
2 million views in 5 days, yeah I’d say that’s pretty good.

Better Than Ezra – Crazy Lucky
6k views after 5 days, this will rise once people know about it.

Waters – Got To My Head
Only 10,000 views but the song has a laid back feel to it.