I’m tired of the way they put too much cream cheese on my bagel. I’m a neat person and they make me get all these napkins and it starts to ooze out the side. They do it with my sausage, egg and cheese too. Ketchup just gets poured on and then it starts leaking and potentially getting on my shirt and even if it’s not fault of theirs I would boycott an establishment if they ruined my shirt because I was messy due to them.

I’m tired of the bird’s shitting on my car. It forces me to get a car wash and then the second I park the car again, they shit on it again. Lose lose scenario.

I’m tired of Yahoo bringing me to their search engine instead of letting me type in the url. I don’t know if this happens to anyone else but it frustrates me to no end. It will bring you back to it’s search 4 times before it lets you type in the URL. If it continues trying to trick people to search on its site, Google will win the war.

I’m tired of Imania. Seriously, Apple and it’s fanboys are taking over. Evan said that Apple is entering into the market of ads on their Iphones which becomes a direct competitor to his company. If everyone keeps buying their stuff they are only going to become more powerful and continue to dominate with their mobile porn devices. Little companies are going to become a thing of the past because the ability to compete with big boys due to economies of scale and the capital that backs them is too difficult to overcome.

I’m tired of bills that are endless. Honestly, I would like to negotiate all my bills ahead of time so I could just pay them in yearly increments at a better negotiated rate. This month to month is bullshit because it constantly reminds you that you are getting fucked. I pay 30 something a month for the gym and now that it’s nice out, I will go there only when it’s raining. So that comes out to be a couple of times a month but if I cancel my membership it’s 10 bucks a visit. And my phone is a hundred a month for an unlimited data plan where I hardly even have a use for the internet from my phone aside for email but I think that’s separate anyhow. I use 1/3 of my allotted minutes but my plan is so basic that that’s just what it is. It’s another screw job.

I’m tired of the Jersey Shore. I don’t really understand how you can do the show again with the same people but just in a different location. When they were doing it in Jersey it was all new and they were themselves. Now they move them to Miami with all the hype around it and they just won’t act the same. Evan thinks all reality television is set up which I only half believe. I’ve seen some things on reality shows that if people were actually acting, they should be academy award winners instead of a prop in a masterplanned staging.

I’m tired of “free” goods. Let me explain why something is free, it’s because you run out of it and then you have to buy it again because you’re hooked. I hear ads for free sex pills. They give you the pills as a try, you try them, have ridiculous sex because you’ve taken a placebo and next you know these pills are the reason and you have to have them so you get suckered into buying them. Same thing with products that help you quit smoking. Sure it’s free because they don’t want you addicted to cigarettes, they want you addicted to their product. Nothing in life is free, there is always a reason why it’s free.

I’m tired of Muse and Phoenix. No doubt they produce some good music but talk about overplayed. If I have to hear 1901, Listomania, or Resistance again I’m going to freak. If you still like all these songs you are what I call the public. These songs have been playing for such a long time that if you listen to the radio they have to make you sick. They were playing Listomania at the end of last season’s Entourage, how can it still be popular? Also please please check out Animal by Neon Trees, I assure you this is a good song.

I’m not tired of this but all my t-shirts have become dark colored alcohol related t-shirts. Growing up I would use to have a lot of multi colored sports shirts. As a little kid you’d acquire shirts from sports camps and clothes your mom bought and the colors never matter either. Now it’s either Guinness, Jameson, or some rock band. I miss the good old days where I used to wear shorts everyday from March to November. I’m actually wearing jeans today and I have no idea why. Just sort of happened. I think I’m getting tired of growing up. Getting older is one of those things that you don’t realize how old you are until you get old. While you’re young and living there’s never a thought to youth ending but as mine comes to an end (or has ended), there is really nothing you can do but look forward.

Also if you didn’t watch the series “how to make it in america” on hbo, I would highly recommend it. It’s only 7 episodes and it’s not a reality show but if feels real. I wouldn’t waste your time if I didn’t think it was good. They had a good line from “shitbreak” who is a hedge fund manager that said that it’s not good to acquire wealth all of a sudden, it’s an accumulation process that takes time and therefore you appreciate it more. They also have the 2nd season of the wire on demand too which is obviously worth checking out.