This domain name was started April 5th, 2009. Since then I’ve had 1,056 unique visitors. I’ve made 189 posts. Yesterday I had the most visits on a Monday than I’ve ever had throughout the duration of this blog, and I didn’t even make a real post. I honestly feel bad when I have people check out this web page and I have no new material or it’s just garbage. Problem is, I’ve shared so many of my thoughts on this site that I try hard to not duplicate any posts. I don’t do enough exciting things that I can constantly write about what is happening in my life. Honestly, my life has become such routine that I think I’m miserable even though I’m perfectly fine.

For the weekdays, I work 5 days which is a completely other world that I try to separate from this blog because I don’t think people really care. Then I come home, sleep from 5:30 to 7:30, go to they gym till 8:30-9 then entertain myself till I fall asleep at around 2. I eat ravioli on Monday’s and watch 24. Tuesday’s are long run days if it’s nice out. Wednesday’s are nothing special. Thursday’s are dinners with my mom and then the weekend starts which is a whole other problem. I honestly can say I can’t remember my Saturday. Don’t know when I got there, what I did, when I left, how I got back. Seriously try living the next day knowing that hours of time are unaccounted for. It’s scary. Point being, I don’t know what else I can do with this blog. I’ve wrote before that I think getting people to view my writing is satisfying but if it’s not well thought out, than I’m just like any other blogging asshole.

There’s no real pressure in maintaining this blog. I don’t have anyone watching over me to make sure I’m doing it. I haven’t made a single dime off of my time spent. I don’t do this to make friends. I do it so that I can look back at this time in my life and have an ongoing journal of what I was thinking about in 2010. So 20 years down the road I can look back and say, yeah, that was me. I just find it funny that I’m willing to write about practically anything in my life, and am perfectly happy to share it with you, but I know nothing about the people in cyberspace who tune into this site. I don’t really know where I’m coming with any of this but I guess it’s a strange feeling that I feel obligated to maintain this site so that random people can entertain themselves for 5 minutes at work or in between class. I think there were 33 people who viewed the site yesterday. I honestly think I hang out with 5 people, with other people intermingled from time to time. So when Chad tells me I wrote a shitty post yesterday, guess what, I do this for the viewers benefit, I don’t expect a dime, and I can’t be on all the time so sorry for not being entertaining enough for you Wagon. I will still be continuing this, even if work related contacts come into play, because I think something will come out of this sooner or later.

Hafer, I predict that the episode of Saved by the Bell where Kristy the wrestling girl tries out for the team, gets cut, saves Zack in the Max, and then pins the Mexican guy to make the team is on.