So I made a brag post about things I do well, it’s time to make one about things that haunt my life.

I still can’t throw a baseball accurately. This really isn’t a big problem because I don’t play much baseball, but I’m an absolute liability when I do. I almost think it’s comical. I can throw a ball in a general direction but not to a glove. At this point it’s all mental and mechanics, plus the desire to not learn.

My layups and shooting have gone way with the the throwing of a baseball. There’s no explanation to these things except my lack of practice and caring. It’s somewhat embarrassing when you miss a wide open layup and it’s probably a mental thing the same as above.

I’m terrible with history and religion. Dates, events, historical accuracies. This is even more embarrassing then missing layups because you look like such a moron when you’re guessing at the year the roman’s were around. All the bible stories are foreign to me and when anybody whose a religious freak realizes you don’t know shit they instantly take you for a sinner. I went to Sunday school when I was really little and hated it every single time I went. I still find church pointless. I don’t need a supreme being to tell me what’s write (joke) and wrong. My belief is that Christianity turns you into a person who tries to do good because they fear what god will do them if they don’t follow his instructions. I follow the rule of TC and am risking what may happen at the end for the excitement while I’m alive.

I can be really awkward with conversation. Sounds of silence bother me and I try to say things to keep this from happening. This leads to saying whatever pops up in my head and can lead into trouble.

I’m bad at returning phone calls. People call me and it’s not that I don’t take their call important I just have this thought instilled in my mind that everyone get disappointed if you don’t do what they want. So if someone calls me and I already am doing something, I’ll just ignore them and hope they go away rather than tell the truth. Faulty logic I know.

I can’t cook. I can make pancakes, eggs, sandwiches and anything frozen that can be heated in the oven or toaster. That’s enough to get by but wouldn’t impress the ladies if i was trying to be suave and saying I can cook them a meal.

I’m also terrible at fantasy sports. I can’t remember the last league I won. I’ve wrote before I really have no interest in any professional sports of any kind. Basically I’d rate all Philly teams a 2 and everyone else in the league a 1, and that scale can be on 100. Unless betting is involved, I don’t care. Thus my lackluster ability in fantasy because I don’t follow what’s going on. My #1 fantasy move was drafting Roger Clemons one year and his fantasy picture was of him playing golf.

I can probably list more but it’s getting annoying explaining my faults. On another subject I got down to 178 lbs which is moving in the right direction. I also find facebook annoying when they display what you write on other peoples shit to everyone. I wrote on XM altnation and it pops up on my page, like wtf, give me some privacy so everyone isn’t all in my shit.