Tomorrow at the Radio 104.5 Winter Jam it is going to be ice cold.  20-30 mile wind gusts in 30 degree, that’s a high,  weather is going to leave a lot of freezing people.  If the plan is to drink beer at the concert, having gloves is an absolute must.  So today I decided to pick up a pair because my top of the line Nike running gloves were stolen while inside my coat that was also thieved.  I went to Target in the Snyder Plaza which is an absolute cluster fuck of activity.  People are walking everywhere and the parking lot lanes are not even straight so there is all this weaving and potential disaster around every corner.  Anyway, I picked up an air mattress pump and a winter hat when I noticed that I couldn’t find any gloves.  I looked for a solid 15 minutes and even was perusing the kiddie and woman’s section before finally abandoning this search.  I drove over to Marshall’s and they were out as well.  My last chance was Modell’s and they only had youth gloves.  Are you fucking kidding me?

A fresh JRP cheese steak.  I sloppily added the ketchup.

A fresh JRP cheese steak. I sloppily added the ketchup.

I left in disgust and went to pick up my John’s Roast Pork cheese steak (the best in the city and I did just eat a Jim’s the other day and it’s no comparison) and was basically freaking out because I wouldn’t be able to drink beer properly during the concert.  I still have 20 or so hours to figure out a solution so I’m not all that worried but who on Earth would think that there would be a glove shortage?  There are plenty of socks and hats but stores are caught off guard by something as simple as gloves.  It’s cold, people need gloves, get it together.  This isn’t even the first arctic blast.