I like commenting back to people in the comment box when they comment on my post but in this case I’m going to devote a whole post to the last comment. Yes I was mistaken on Taking back Pelham 123 but this is because it’s a completely forgettable movie. First off, how can any movie be good when I’m focusing more to see how many time Travolta says “motherfucker” than what is actually transpiring in the movie. Why does Ryder need 2 million physical dollars when he just made 300 million in the market. Let me carry this bag around so it can slow me down. And what kind of a police brigade was bringing the money to the subway? They must have caused at least 4 crashes and were completely reckless. Ryder’s fascination with Garber was just unusual to the point of absurdity. Another flaw is when the sniper had Ramos in his sights, he was literally there for 15 minutes before he accidentally shot him and what’s even more spectacular is that the mouse makes him jump and he pulls the trigger and the weapon still automatically aligns with the guys head. The ending was hilarious with Ryder just stopping because some train conductor pointed a gun at him from 50 feet away. I don’t know about anyone else but I’m fairly confident that if I kept running he wouldn’t have a chance in hell to hit me. To sum this long- winded rant up, there was no connection with the characters that at any point in the movie if someone would have died, I would have cared. If they did something twisted like Ryder and Garber were working together it would have been more entertaining but I just left the movie thinking that I just had my time wasted with a bore of a story. I also want to point out that I will give most movies a chance. I can sit through practically everything (besides 5th element, sorry evan) and I’m looking for movies that make me relate to characters and then care about the choices they are making. Finally, I know I’m right about my take on this movie because when Wagon is also agreeing that this is a really good movie, and he’s on the same level as Jordan. He didn’t realize that Memento was working backwards after 45 minutes of watching it. He also would prefer Marley and Me to Starwars. For the sake of argument, I’m well aware people have different tastes and I’m not always right so just understand that I take a side when I do these.