Bowl Mania

I hardly know anything about college football but this ESPN bowl pick’em is a lot of fun. Kuratnick, who doesn’t get a lot of blog mentions but is an all around good guy, hosts a $25 pool in ESPN’s College Bowl Mania. Here is the link to the game home. You may have to search for the league: Kuratnick Invitational – PW: Bowden

You play by getting points to distribute known as confidence points. Your goal is to score the most points as possible and you do that by picking the winning team and giving them the most points. Meaning if you have 100% confidence that a certain team is going to win, you give them 35 points. Your 35 points pick is generally the team that is most favored to win the game. A game which would be called a pick em game, meaning no spread, would be one that you would use 1 confidence points. Every game is selected and given a certain amount of points. Every game that you win, you add up your points and the most total points wins the pool. This gives you a rooting interest in every single bowl game and turns boring bowl games into something watchable. It’s well worth the 25 dollars. The prize pool is winner take all and we had about 25 people last year. I finished a close 2nd and obviously intend to win this year. I’d like to see some people from the blog join up because the more the merrier.