Unlocking A Phone

Droid Lock ScreenI’ve never understood the people who input their password every single time they access their phone.  There must be more dick pics being protected than I’m aware of because it doesn’t occur to me that I need top security with regard to my phone.  Some people probably access their phone over a hundred times a day which correlates to 100 times inputting 4 numbers and pressing ok.  Let’s say on average this takes 3 seconds.  That’s 300 seconds a day or 5 minutes checking your phone.  5 minutes a day x 7 days is 35 minutes a week.  35 minutes x 52 weeks is 1820 minutes a year.   This number is 30.33 hours or roughly 1.26 days.  Over the course of a year, over 1 day is spent unlocking your phone.

The case of 100 checks a day is obviously a variable but based on some people I’ve seen and their phone habits, 6 times an hour is probably an underestimate.  Plus if your PW is longer than 4 digits, it’s even more of a waste.  For what?  So the phone thieves can’t access your emails?  Who is stealing your phone?  If anyone had access to my phone they would be highly disappointed in the uneventful life I live.  I’m sure that others feel the need to protect everything and that what they do is important but I hate to break it to you, no one cares about your life but you.  Now maybe if you were Barack Obama I’d speak differently but I can’t see any reason to input a password into your phone every time you check it to open it.