Phil’s 5k 2012 Experience

The results of this run can be found here.

I ran the 2nd fastest time of my life yesterday on the Phil’s course. The time of 17:48 was good for 7th place in a decimated field. There were 375 runners this year compared to, off the top of my head, 700 people in past years. I basically started in the front and and was near the front the entire race which is uncommon for me. Usually I start slow and pass runners as the race progresses but this year was different. My first mile was 5:41 which was a pretty good pace. Considering my finishing pace averaged 5:44 I think that I ran a really strong, consistent pace / race. I actually felt really good the entire way through and kick myself a bit for not pressing a little harder. People love to complain about the weather but I thought it was pretty nice. After I finished I got to watch in anticipation as Sam was pacing CK4 to the end. I was expecting a kick to the finish between the two but CK4’s energy level must have been zapped as I think I saw a man in a walker outkick them. Props to my mom too who finished in 29:07, good for 4th in her age division. When the pictures come up, I’ll add them to the site.