A Headline That Works

This headline:

Muhammad Ali dodges 21 punches in 10 seconds

Made me watch the video.  Why?  Because my brain says, “21 punches in 10 seconds”, that doesn’t add up.  A headline that makes me think that it’s not possible gets my interest.  When my mind has to translate words into a scenario that I can’t visualize, I wants to see.

buzzfeedAnother funny headline that Jeff and I look at are a certain amount of reasons why something….

  • 10 tips to make your ass look skinner
  • 21 reasons why you’re poor
  • 187 ways to cook chicken

Most of the time you only need 1.

  • Eat healthier
  • Don’t spend so much
  • The oven

Now you combine the two methods and put numbers into an idea and you get the headline I posted.

A note about the video:


Not to diminish the fact that Ali was almost inhumanly talented, but this was an exhibition match for fun. Michael Dokes (19 at the time) was legitimately trying to hit him, but he was WAYYYYYYYYyyyyyyy outclassed.