No Interest in Bill Cosby Rape?

Bill-CosbyThese Bill Cosby allegations from the 1970’s are at a bottom of the barrel interest level for me.  New people are coming forward who are 50 years old that they were raped by Bill when they were 15.  I’m obviously the only one who finds this boring because it is all over the media.  I’m not trying to come off as an insensitive prick here but the time to come forward was 30 years ago.

Judy Huth and Gloria Allred

Judy Huth and Gloria Allred

Here’s Judy Huth with the super-feminist lawyer Gloria Allred who claims Bill attacked her in 1975.  Police are searching the Playboy mansion for clues!  Oh look, I think I see a Cosby stain from 39 years ago under this 2011 rug.  Gloria Allred is just as bad because she see this as dollar signs.  It’s also worth noting that 3 other bunnies from 3 decades ago are coming forward.

The dude is 77 years old.  I have no doubt he did wrong to many women over the years.  He’s guilty.  However I do have to wonder why we are spending millions of dollars trying to what?  Put him behind bars?  Extort him for all the money in his bank account before he dies?  Neither of these options seem to make sense to me for acts he committed 40 years ago.    It’s like making an error for drinking and driving and having people come forward saying that they know you did it and you should be in jail.Bill Cosby Cake Times

I don’t feel bad for Bill because I believe he abused women and treated them like sex toys for many years.  However, I do not understand all the hoopla surrounding it happened many years past.  There should be  statute of limitations and we should call it a day.  Take 10% of his net worth as a fine and use it to investigate the matter as much as you want and divy it up as some higher authority feels right.