10 Funniest Movie Scenes

Here are my choices for the top 10 funniest movie scenes I’ve watched. I’ve watched various comedies from the 80’s like Airplane and Caddyshack and they don’t seem to carry the same humor that I find funny. I could have compiled this entire list with just Step Brothers and Super Troopers but expanded a little bit just because. I’m actually really disappointed that the quality of the scene with the gigantic cotton candy is terrible. I almost waited to post until I could take better footage with a camera of my own. I wasn’t able to find the Green Hornet’s gas gun which Sam knows cracks me up. I’m also sure there are tons I don’t remember but I still think this is a pretty solid list.

Step Brothers – I Smoked Pot With Johnny Hopkins

Super Troopers – Move That Gigantic Cotton Candy

Super Troopers – Liter of Cola

Austin Powers – I Also Like To Live Dangerously

Office Space – People Skills

Bad Santa- Fraggle Stick Car

Superbad – McLovin

Dumb and Dumber – Pets Heads Are Falling Off

Hangover – Rainman was a Retard

Zoolander – Center for Kids Who Can’t Read Good