Cady Groves – This Little Girl

While trying to find some info on Cady Groves I came up with a fascinating discovery, there is hardly any information about her. This was a decent interview but she didn’t even have a Wikipedia page. From the few sources I read, she seems to be a 21 year old from Oklahoma who is a newcomer to the pop scene. She has a few songs on her myspace page with about a hundred thousand views and her popular duet in the song “Oh Darling” by Plug in Stereo. She completely makes that song though and this new song by her is called “This Little Girl.” With about 279,000 views I wouldn’t be surprised if it catches steam.

Problem being is that this song’s lyrics can’t be taken any other way than a little girl who is contemplating murder on her boyfriend who has “hurt her”. This bothers me. Now “hurt her” can of course be taken to various degrees but it’s hard to imagine most types of hurt can warrant murder. I think this is the wrong message and I could understand if parent groups are outraged if their children listen to this. I guess I just wonder where this type of lyrics come from. Is this Cady Groves, a 21 year old bad girl, sitting in a room thinking of these lyrics? Did you listen to “Oh Darling?” We are talking polar opposites here and it’s really messing with an image. Is this intentional? Does this much thought go into this from the producers end? This song just struck me as odd because of the theme and even I thought this went a little “over the edge” as Cady puts it.