Charlie Sheen on Drugs?

JKash sent me a text today that says “Chuck Sheen is the cat’s ass.” I wrote back “What’s the cat’s ass.” “The cat’s ass is basically saying he’s the tits. The guy pisses excellence. No getting around that.”

Charlie Sheen is 100% coked up throughout all of this drama. I suggest going to YouTube and typing in Charlie Sheen rants and then hearing his speech. He talks quickly and crazily and brings out these hilarious words and analogy’s that make you say “what?” There’s no doubt he’s an intelligent guy but he’s absolutely coked up throughout these interviews. The embedded one above is the best with him chain smoking and playing with that bizarre object from an F-18. The pornstar’s even say that he has drug dealers selling him baseball sized amounts of coke and I don’t believe for a second that he’s clean. The guy has tons of money and is just on a alcohol-coke binge (probably other stuff as well) and has no gotten himself in pretty deep that he’s just created this spectacle and the answer is to do more coke and insult the people who helped make him all this money. Whether he is right or not is irrelevant because he’s not even human anymore. He’s just a drug induced character now who is putting on a show. It’s possibly his finest work ever because he’s a successful cokehead who is getting paid millions of dollars, which he probably deserves for how much attention he produces and how much money other people make off him. I think he looks terrible by the way but if making money, banging hot whores, and doing drugs is a lifestyle, he is doing it better than anyone in society.