No they don’t

Brookes lent me the first season of the 6 Feet Under the HBO series and I’ve just started watching. In episode 3 when David and his mom are talking about a major corporation takeover of their small funeral home she says “things will work out, they always do.” David replies “no, they don’t,” end scene. I tried Youtubing the clip but it’s a 15 second segment of episode 3 and not exactly a crucial moment to the the show so you can’t find it. About 5:40 of episode 3 if you have HBOGo. Yes Brookes, I’m using HBOGo instead of the DVD’s and this isn’t a sleight. It’s because I don’t like going through the DVD process. The menus bother me and the physical process of changing discs has made me stop watching DVD’s. It’s sort of bizarre because I’d imagine the quality is better than HBOGo, but Go is far from bad and it doesn’t really bother me, plus it’s always at my fingertips. Let’s not get off point here because if you didn’t lend the DVD’s, I wouldn’t have started watching it. I’ve gotten carried away from my main point of the post. The reason I thought that sequence was funny was because it’s such a mom thing to say to try to make her son feel better, but possibly not the most practical advice. The statement can be taken as a God believing mentality that in your life, God will make everything work out. How else could it “always” happen. It’s just a weird word to say taken literally. I just wonder if people really think that everything will always work out and that’s how they go through life. It’s a really positive way to live and I think that might be “God” aiding them when things do work out. I put the God in quotes because even if there is no God, this mentality has a greater chance of success because you think it’s going happen. There’s this book “The Secret” where the secret is that if you want to do something, make it happen. People are attracted to you because you are trying to make it happen. David’s answer is the I’m living in the real world and I have to prepare for what probably can happen. David saying that this won’t work is his cynical side, thus non believing in a higher power. Now this is only the 3rd episode so I’m not really sure what religious beliefs these characters have but I still think it’s an interesting exercise. It relates to real life because this planet has had its share of hostile takeovers and the people involved really do get forced into doing it. It’s neat how you can use a series like this to display this scenario. I know I bounced around a lot her but I think this post still had some meaning even if you didn’t see the scene.