I’ve actually seen a relatively decent jump in traffic recently, and this will provoke me to continue updating at a good pace.

21) I bite my fingernails to the point of the cuticle(sp?). They look normal I just don’t have a fingernail to scratch stickers, open hard to open cans, or give an itch a good scratch
22) I’m one of the people that corporations created the rebate for. I figure it’s too much trouble to send the rebate in. This is foolish thinking but I stand by it. I also, very very, practically never use coupons.
23) I feel like I need some new websites to visit. My homepage is yahoo which is my a good starting point but when you try to type in an address is brings you to their search function and will do it 3 times before it lets you up to the address bar. This frustrates me unbelievably and I’ve considered writing them an email but it’s pointless. The other sites I visit are facebook, tmz, and failblog. Nfl.com on sundays and i can’t stand ESPN.com.
24) When it gets cold and you want to go out to a bar, I don’t like the coat check but if you don’t then you have to either freeze or walk around with a giant winter coat. Still haven’t come up with a good solution other than multiple layers.
25) For some reason I don’t like trying clothes on at stores and I also don’t like taking things back. Problems have arose when I purchase something too big or small.
26) When you are at the gym please don’t sit on the machine between sets. There was a woman today and she was literally on the same machine for 10 minutes. I didn’t want to be a dick but I felt like saying if you want to work out on a chair, there is one by the exit.
27) I didn’t understand why anyone would spend money on tissues but since recently I’ve been blowing my nose with a paper towel and I dread doing it every time because it’s not soft, I think I get it.
28) Real men don’t like beer with fruit in them. I stand by this even with Corona. I actually have a issue with holding my thumb and turning the bottle upside down. I was a poker table one time and tried doing it but there was a hole in the top and it starts spaying all over the bro next to me. I’ll drink corona regular, but no fruit.
29) I can’t drive a stick shift and feel inferior to females who can. Like seriously, I want to learn how to drive a stick just so I can avoid this inferiority complex.
30) My life consists of the big 3. Phone, wallet, and keys. These are the primary ingredients to survival.
31) One of my biggest pet peeves is bare feet on any surfaces. I honestly don’t care if it’s carpet. I’ll wear socks and feel fine but bare feet anywhere just grosses me out. Reason being, is that once you get a bare foot dirty there really isn’t any good method of cleaning them without showering. Putting on a sock is just a cover up because there is still a dirty foot inside.
32) I think a good idea would be for a bar to hand out frequent visitor cards and then the customer get deals or specials the more they come. I think this would maintain a packed house and profit margin on alcohol is absurd. Just so everyone is aware, a fifth has 25 shots in it, a fifth of captain costs 20 bucks and using that conversion makes 25 drinks at a general price of 5 bucks per drinks and you have a 625% profit margin.
33) I’ve wrote this before but I hate this fucking chair. It creeks and just bothers me in general. Plus the thing with chairs is that it’s always your ass touching the chair. Most people will fart on the chair and I ask you where does this gas go? It just hangs out in the chair, gross when you think about it really.
34) I have 5 different check books with checks and I have each book stored in a different place. One on my desk, one in my car, one at work etc… So my checks are all out of order and I don’t balance a check book. I feel like we are in the days of computers and I just am constantly checking my online balancing, making sure my shit is being deposited and withdrawn correctly and that’s that.
35) I like water out of bottle but what I used to like the most was going to baseball games and having those big coolers with the spouts. They always kept the water the coldest because you’d fill them with ice and it would melt and the water would taste so refreshing.
36) I think corn on the cob and macaroni and cheese is underrated. Chalk up wheat thins, Parmesan goldfish, and smartfood.
37) I have a blackberry and have mixed feelings about the bbm. Yes it has a cool logo saying I got a message and that makes me excited. But no I don’t feel like I have to carry on a text conversation just because you bbm’d me. If I want to stop mid convo and do something else, I will. It’s not personal but I’m not a slave to my phone.
38) I saw a question that asked which spot top, middle or bottom is the green traffic light and I honestly was just taking a shot in the dark at top or bottom.
39) I have one toenail on my right foot that has fallen off at least 10 times. I tend to run on my toes and on longer runs it just squeezes against the shoe until eventually it falls off.
40) Sometimes I look in the mirror and the future freaks me out.

That took way longer than I thought it would. If I get to 100 I’ll be amazed. Here’s a cool picture that I thought I’d share.